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Last updated: August 1st, 2017

Hello there folks and welcome to our blog. Today we are presenting to you a great Kirsten Halborg scene, in which she is enjoying her morning sex. Yes, in this scene you can watch this gorgeous big-titted woman getting fucked hard and deep by a horny dude with an incredible cock. She wouldn’t mind the company of another beautiful woman, because such a big cock should be shared. So watch the entire scene, because it really is something you don’t want to miss!

Kirsten was complaining to us that she wants something different for a change. So we had no other choice than try bringing in a guy with an incredible dick. When these two met, it was immediately on. They started kissing, but soon they found themselves undressed and ready to fuck. And what an incredible fuck that one was. Just look at the entire scene… Don’t you agree that this dude really knows how to ram a big beautiful woman? Then wait until you see how he fucks her again! It’s just incredible!


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Hello there again, fellas. We are very glad to bring to you today another free scene featuring stunning BBW Kirsten Halborg. But this isn’t an ordinary scene, no: in this one she gets fucked hard and deep by a horny dude, and she enjoys it to no end! Just look at how happy she is and how she is moaning like a horny slut. Would you like to be in this lucky bastard’s place? Would you like to be the one who is fucking this incredibly horny slut instead of him? Well, then just take a look at the entire scene and see how it would feel like if Kirsten was asking for your cock instead!

Kirsten loves many things, but nothing trumps her desire for big cocks. After all, she’s a big woman, and big women need big dicks to satisfy them. So she took this guy’s cock and slapped her huge juicy tits with it until it got big and hard. She then made this guy fuck her doggy style, because that’s the way this bitch loves it. Just watch this scene and see it for yourself – it really is an amazing sex scene! If you wanna see other booty chicks getting wet and wild, enter the site! Have fun!

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Kirsten Tries Out A Younger Stud

In today’s update, we are releasing a brand new scene that we think is one of our best yet. In it, this young stud takes on big slut Kirsten Halborg and fucks her like an animal. He just can’t stop pumping this whore and both of them love every second of it. I mean, just look at Kristen’s face… doesn’t she look like she enjoys this young stud’s cock? Well, watch the rest of the scene – it’s incredible, and you have no excuse to skip it, especially since it’s free! Also, have a look at this other video in which she is getting pounded hard!

Kirsten Halborg complained to us that she wanted to get a young stud to fuck her, because she thinks they are more potent. So we had no other choice than bring in a young guy and ask him to fuck this bitch hard and see if she likes it. And guess what? She absolutely loved it! She couldn’t stop moaning and she even had a hard time breathing, that’s how much she loved having this young guy’s dick deep inside her fat pussy. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video and see it for yourself! If you liked this beauty, check out the site and see some big assed ladies in nylons revealing their impressive curves!

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Kirsten Halborg Gets Her Tits Fucked

Hi there guys, would you like to see another Kirsten Halborg video? Well, you are in luck, because today we are releasing another great video featuring this stunning BBW. But, unlike other videos, this one won’t depict her tight pussy getting fucked, but rather her giant juicy tits. I mean, wouldn’t you just rather fuck her right between her tits once in a while? Wouldn’t you like to get your hard boner between those juicy jugs? If you do, then just watch this video and see how it would be if you had your hard dick between those incredible tits and how it would be to fuck them!

Kirsten loves getting fucked, but she also loves getting her tits fucked. So we invited one of our newbies to give her big and juicy tits a spin. Do you think Kirsten liked it? She loved it! Her tits were wobbling up and down as this young guy fucked them. It’s an amazing scene you don’t want to miss, so watch it now! It’s free, and it’s incredible. You’ll love this video so much that we are sure you will watch it over and over again! If you wanna see other chubby girls getting fucked, check out the site!

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Cock Sucking BBW Kirsten

Welcome back, guys! We are happy to release yet another great video for all of you Kirsten Halborg fans out there. In today’s video, Kirsten takes on a really big and hard black cock. She takes it into her mouth, licks it, spits on it, etc. She likes this guy’s balls and she even tastes this guy’s butt hole. She’s crazy, isn’t she? Imagine being you in this lucky bastard’s place and getting your hard dick sucked by this incredible BBW. Would it feel great? Would it leave you speechless? Would it make you cum so hard that you could spill your creamy jizz across the room? Then watch this video and see how it ends – you’ll be surprised! If you like this video, then watch this other interracial video of her!

Kirsten Halborg just adores sucking cocks, especially black models’ cocks. The reason is that she says they are usually harder and bigger, which is exactly what she wants – a big dick she can suck all night. So we brought to her this black model so she could play with his big and stiff dick. What do you think her reaction was? She absolutely loved his dick. She sucked it so hard and long that our guy almost passed out. She even let this guy fuck her big juicy juggs! Don’t believe us? Just watch the video and see it for yourself!

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Kirsten Halborg – Pounded at PlumperPass

Welcome back everyone; we hope you had a great weekend! In this week’s update, we are releasing another incredible video featuring the one and only BBW Kirsten Halborg. But this video is special. It’s a free sneak peak at what she usually does for PlumperPass. Yes, that’s right: you can see how she is fucked hard and deep over at this website. Just watch the video and see how much she loves getting fucked hard by this lucky bastard – you will love it so much that you will want to watch it again and again.

Kirsten loves getting fucked by a man who knows what he’s doing, so she asked us to find a really dominant guy for her. Luckily, we had a model at our studio who fit the bill, and we brought him in. When the two met it was sexual attraction at first sight. They started making out, but in no time their clothes were on the floor and they started fucking like animals. This guy rammed Kirsten’s tight little cunt so hard that she was moaning the entire time! Really, just watch the scene and see it for yourself! If you want to see an English MILF in uniform teasing her fans, join the website! Enjoy!

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Sharing A Cock

Wow, just WOW! Guys, today’s video really is special, and you should really watch it. We rarely get the chance to film stunning BBW Kirsten Halborg sharing a cock, so you better not skip over this one. Just look at her taking that big, fat dick into her mouth, and then sharing it with the other stunning milf. Would you like to be in this lucky bastard’s place and get your fat dick sucked by these two fine ladies? Would you want to spill your cum over these two gorgeous BBW’s faces? Then watch this video and see how it would be like if it was you in this guy’s shoes!

Kirsten does many things, but she rarely shares a cock. Actually, many times she needs two or more cocks just to satisfy her sexual cravings. So she really surprised us when she told us she wanted to share a cock with another BBW. But we had no choice than to fulfill her dreams, and this is the result: a sex scene where this BBW shares a big stiff cock with another BBW. You should see how this scene ended! So just watch the video, because you are in for a big surprise! Also you can visit the site and see some slutty fatties having hardcore sex!

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Lesbian Scene from XL Girls

Hello there dear friends. In this week’s update, we are bringing you another great video. However, this one is a bit unusual, because Kirsten Halborg isn’t getting fucked as she usually does, but rather takes on another big beautiful woman. Do you want to see it? Then you are in luck, because this video is absolutely free for you! Just watch it and tell us if you don’t think these fine ladies and their juicy juggs are incredible. We think they are, and we think you should really watch this video!

While Kirsten usually likes to get a big and stiff dick deep inside her tight little cunt, today she wanted to have another fine lady stretch her pussy wide open with her fingers and eat her out. We had to make her wish come true, so we invited another fine lady to join her. The two were just amazing. They started kissing passionately, but in minutes they were all over each other. The bustybabydolls ate each other’s pussy with so much pleasure that you wouldn’t believe. If it sounds too good to be true, then just watch this video and see it for yourself!


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Kirsten’s Kitchen Fuck

Welcome back everyone. We are glad to release yet another great video featuring stunning Kirsten Halborg, and this video is just amazing. Just look at how Kirsten is getting fucked right in the kitchen. And just look at those big juicy tits and her amazing body. Wouldn’t you love to be in this lucky bastard’s place? Wouldn’t you just adore to have your hard dick deep inside her tight and wet cunt? Then watch this video and see how it would be if you were the guy fucking this horny whore!

Kirsten Halborg was in the kitchen, making something to eat, when all of a sudden this guy entered the kitchen. She didn’t know him, but she just wanted to do something to him. Luckily for her, this guy wanted the same thing, so in minutes they were undressing each other and fucking like animals. Just look at those big juicy tits and imagine how they wobbled up and down as this horny bitched fucked this guy. But you know what? Why not just watch the video and see how it actually happened instead of just imagining? It’s free, and it’s incredible! Also you can enter the site and see some busty chicks riding cocks and showing off their monster tits!


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Kirsten Halborg Interracial

Hi there dear friends. How are you today? We hope you’re well, because we are releasing a great new Kirsten Halborg video that we just know you will love. In fact, we can bet that your dick will be so stiff after watching this video that you will just want to watch it over and over again. I mean, just look at that big black dick and how this slutty BBW loves taking it into her mouth and sucking it like she would suck a lollipop. Wouldn’t you wish it was your big and stiff cock in her wet mouth? Wouldn’t you love getting your dick sucked by this horny bitch? Then watch this video to see how she would suck your dick if it was you in this lucky bastard’s place!

As you probably already noticed on this blog, Kirsten just loves big black dicks. Actually, all she would ever fuck is big black dicks, but she doesn’t always afford this luxury. In today’s video, however, her wish came true and her mouth was filled by this lucky bastard’s black dick. Just look at her taking that thing into her mouth and sucking it like a pro. Isn’t she just amazing? But watch the entire video and see the whole scene – you’ll be surprised when you see how it ends! If you liked this lady, enter the site and see some busty mature ladies getting wet and wild!


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